I have exciting news for you: a special preview of the new Hillsdale College online course, Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the Constitution is now available, and Id like you to see it.

In this free, twelve-lesson online course, you will study the meaning of equality and natural rights, as understood by the American Founders. You will gain a deeper understanding of the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the structure of the Constitution. And, you will learn about the attempts to distort or alter the Constitution throughout American history.

We are putting the finishing touches on the course now, which will be released on Tuesday, October 1. But, we have produced a special preview of the course, which you can watch here: https://lp.hillsdale.edu/con-101/

The study of American government and the principles of constitutionalism is an important task for every American citizen to undertake. I hope you enjoy the preview, and that you will sign up for the course today.

Warm regards,

Kyle Murnen, 09
Director of Online Learning
Hillsdale College