My read of the United States Constitution with no reference to the Second Amendment; The Constitution that “we the people” wrote ceded some power to the government but we did not give up the right to self defense. If the state of Oregon attempts to take or infringe on that right we have no recourse but to fight.  Read this message from OFF.

By Henry Stevens
Douglas County Chairman
Constitution Party of Oregon








ballot measure that will require you to keep your self defense firearms locked up and unavailable is moving forward.


Ballot Measure 40 has collected enough signatures to get a ballot title from the Attorney General.


In Oregon, the Attorney General is a vocal anti-gun radical. You can rest assured she will do all she can to write the most sympathetic ballot title possible. Of course, we will be doing all we can to prevent that.


The simple truth is, mandatory gun luck up laws are unconstitutional. This is not in doubt. The US Supreme Court made that clear in the Heller decision.


So now we have no choice but to gear up to fight them in court. We simply must not allow them to write a ballot title that misleads Oregon voters. They need to know that under the proposed ballot measure, victims of theft in Oregon will face harsher penalties than gun thieves will. It’s insane.


Please consider contributing as much as you can to our legal fund to stand in the way of this madness. If we don’t succeed all Oregonian gun owners will face severe legal jeopardy simply for having the means to defend themselves and their loved ones.


You can make a tax deductible donation here .

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