Steering Committee Meeting

A Steering Committee meeting will take place the last Saturday in April, per the bylaws (subsequent to any precinct organizational meetings called the same day) at:

13183 Aspen Way NE
Aurora, OR   97002

for the purpose of amending the bylaws to ensure greater participation by all CPO voters. In accordance with our existing bylaws, only Steering Committee members will have a vote, but others may contribute as time allows.

Also on the agenda at that meeting is the election of a new secretary and possibly a chaplain.

Primary Nominating Convention

Then, on the fourth Saturday in May, immediately following the primary election, the Constitution Party of Oregon will hold its own nominating convention at:

Alfalfa Community Hall
26155 Willard Road
Bend, OR   97701

These elections will be held in accordance with Oregon Regulatory Statutes 254 and 248, with the Party bylaws, and Robert's Rules of Order. All those registered to vote with the Constitution Party of Oregon are invited to come and participate. We expect that future conventions will be held in various locations for greatly improved participation. For now, it is necessary to attend in person; and proxy votes are disallowed by state law.

Party News

Sudden Passing of Our Chair

On February 16, 2023, our chair Jack Alan Brown Jr passed away suddenly.

With him went the knowledge of many of the procedures used by the Party, including the website development. Our acting chair called a meeting in November 2023, in which a new chair was elected for the interim.

Efforts are underway to build the Party structure to what it should be, with proper county organizations.

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