Withdrawal of our support for

Scott Rohter

In May of this year our state party leadership was approached by Scott Rohter, a Republican party nominee. He indicated support for our party's objectives and signed our statement of principles. We accommodated his request and gave him our party's nomination. Subsequent to that time He began actively supporting the Republican nominee for Governor, whose position on crucial subjects was in contradiction to our principles and platform. Particularly,he supported a temporary position that candidate had on abortion, saying that Knute Buehler had pledged to sign into law any bill that limited abortion based on the pain index of the unborn. Knute Buehler later repudiated his pledge as he came out staunchly prochoice. This all came to our attention when it was too late to withdraw our nomination and our party statement in the voter's pamphlet. Beyond this issue we discovered Scott was a socialist in his views relating to public right of ways. He has also displayed a tendency to violently react verbally with out justifiable provocation. We deeply regret that people will have and will yet vote for him thinking he is a constitutional and prolife choice. The only consolation is that he is running against an even worse incumbent, from our perspective, nor is he likely to win and display his political philosophy in a legislative capacity.
Constitution Party of Oregon

Supporting Documents.

1. Document signed by Scott Rohter. This is required of any candidate seeking endorsement from our party and subsequent placement on the ballot with our support.
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2. With permission of Lucian Blansett, the Chairman of Lane County, for the Constitution Party of Oregon we are submitting this email as an example of the actions and dealings with Scott Rohter.

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Lucian Blansett <lucianblansett@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Oct 8, 2018 at 12:03 PM
Subject: Phone call
To: info@lessgovisthebestgov.com <info@lessgovisthebestgov.com>
The Highway department contacted the property owner regarding your sign and one that Mark Cosby  had placed. You didn’t place the sign where we discussed, but almost in the ditch!
Mark Cosby moved his sign, and as I had secured permission to place your sign properly on the owner’s property, I removed yours to prevent you or the property owner from incurring a financial penalty. It was placed, leaning on the fence, on the north-side awaiting you to collect.
Furthermore, the property owner, being a “purist”, as you have referred to me, rescinded his permission to let you display your sign do to your pro-abortion stance.
You signed the “Constitution Party of Oregon’s Statement of Principles” confirming a Pro-Life stance, which you do not have. It appears that you signed it to secure our endorsement to be displayed in the Voters Pamphlet with no conscience!
Scott, screaming at me by phone does not bode well for you. We could have had a proper exchange and respectful disagreement, but you chose anger. I have not done anything to deserve this. 
You have used my good will to secure the endorsement of the party, to secure permission to plant your signs, and use me to assist in your campaign. You resort to name-calling without knowing the facts!
Due to these “character-flaws,” I cannot encourage anyone to consider your election, even against a socialist.
Lucian Blansett 
P.S. the Sheriff Department called regarding signs you gave me, if I find any they will be by the large sign.