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Constitution Party of Oregon
Withdraws Endorsement
of Scott Rohter
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WND Reporting Abortion-Promoting Officials
Ordered to Pay For Lawsuit against Them
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Keep up with Aaron Auer 
on YouTube
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Meet the Next Governor of Oregon
Aaron Auer at the
The Douglas County Fair
Roseburg, OR
August 7th - 11th   11am-11pm
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Join the Revolution to Government Change!
Aaron Auer needs help to get listed
in the Voter's Pamphlet 
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Meet the Next Governor of Oregon
The Grand Miner's Parade
Cottage Grove, OR
July 21st - 10 am
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Meet the next Governor of Oregon
July 4th Parade - Creswell, OR
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Meet the next Governor of Oregon
Discussing the proposed 
State of Jefferson
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OHA Audit documents the failure of OHA 
meet the federal requirements for eligibility 
and the wasting of hundreds of millions of dollars!
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Legislative investigation into OHA's 
insidious plans to target 
HIV patients and FamilyCare

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Former abortion lobbyist 
Gov. Kate Brown 
signs into law Abortion Free for All
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We join with Republicans in asking
Gov Kate Brown to Veto HB 3464
The Sancuary Bill 
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Senator Boquist's Attack
on our 2nd Amendment
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Analysis of the Election
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A federal judge has rejected 
environmentalists’ arguments 
to halt Oregon Grazing.
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New Hampshire Passes
Jury Nullification Law
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Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor 
Supports Practice of Jury Nullification!

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Sheriff Blocks US Marshals Illegal Seizure, 
Orders Them Off Property
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Meet Aaron Auer
Candidate for Oregon's Governor
Grants Pass - Feb 4th
 - 7 to 9 pm
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State Senator Prozanski's 
Secret Accusation Bill Formally Introduced
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The Republican National committee 
Scuttles Impeachment in committee Vote.
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BREAKING: Idaho Governor 
signs emergency legislation nullifying 
all future Federal Gun Laws!

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The Supreme Court
Does Not Make Laws!
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How Persecution of Christians
Really Began in The US!
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The Feds Abuse of Authority!
Republicans & Democrats
Keep letting it happen!
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Incident of Citizen abuse!

The Resistance 
To Militarized Cops Begins!
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The States won’t save 
us at an Article V Convention!

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Supreme Court Justice
Reveals Fatal Flaw in Obamacare!
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Senator's Call For Defunding UN!
If Obama Goes Against Israel At the UN
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Obama's Amnesty Attacked By Federal Judge!

For an Obama administration lawyer, it was a very uncomfortable one-hour hearing in a Brownsville, Texas courtroom on Thursday, when a clearly angered federal judge confronted the DOJ attorney, sharply scolded her and threatened to sanction the Justice Department. Read more at

The 2014 General Election in November is quickly approaching. Once again, we have to decide who we believe will serve our interests the best. A government’s duty is to protect its citizens. We would submit to you that the current parties and their candidates have failed miserably at protecting us. If you agree that, the current status quo is not measuring up, consider changing your affiliation to the Constitution Party. All of our candidates have signed off to be loyal to our party core principles. Check out our Vision, Principles, and Platform above and if you would like to see a different standard of doing instead of just talking, join us in our efforts to restore America. Please check out our candidates and consider entrusting us with your vote, and support.

Constitution Party 
Leads the way!

The SOUTH COUNTY SPOTLIGHT, the Scappoose, Oregon local newspaper is reporting in the Oct. 25, 2013 issue about our Constitution Party members, Ray Biggs and Marshall Porter and a remarkable achievement they attained as elected members of the St. Helens school board. They led a first in state reversal of school district policy barring staff from carrying concealed firearms onto school property. Yet this is a matter that we should applaud as an example of the positive outcomes possible when we elect Constitution Party candidates.
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China Threatens to Pull Pin on Global Economic Hand Grenade  

New Hampshire Passes Jury Nullification Law  

DOJ-Funded Training Manual Lists Bumper Stickers as Terrorism

Civil Unrest: Do Our Rulers Actually Want It To Happen?

Globalists Want Chinese-Style Control for Americans Under Agenda 21